Community Partners

We’re proud of all that we’ve accomplished with the Innovate Pasadena Connect series of events, and we are awed to see the growth that we have achieved since Connect Weekend 2014. Our goal with Connect is to strengthen Pasadena’s innovation ecosystem by engaging and uniting the broader community in a festival of discovery and idea exchange. We couldn’t make Connect happen without the help of our community partners, and this year we're once again inviting meetups, trade associations, networking organizations, and other industry groups across the Los Angeles area to join us and as one of our community partners and help cross-promote this growing celebration.

As a Connect community partner, you will receive recognition on our website with our other community partners, as well as two tickets to the Innovate Pasadena Connect '17 Festival and Urb-E Derby. In return we ask that you:

  • Promote #Connect17 to your members through your newsletter, website, social media, word-of-mouth, etc.
  • Include the Connect boilerplate in at least one email blast leading up to Connect.

If you'd like to join our network, please complete our volunteer form and select “Community Partner”. We'll send you a link to all the digital assets you'll need to cross-promote Connect, and a special Innovate Pasadena Connect '17 Festival dicount code to share with your members.

Promoting Connect

Help us spread the word! Tweet, blog, pin, snapchat, tag, invite, record... Let's get everyone talking about #Connect17. Pasadena is a force to be reckoned with, and it's time we let the Internet know. Not sure where to start?

Invite your tribe.

Send out event details to your contact list, Meetup members, or newsletter subscribers. Don't forget to mention your event and Connect at your next meetup or in person every time you have a chance. There's no better way to give your network a sneak peek into your Connect event and have them mark their calendars.

Spread the love.

Share your event details, behind-the-scenes preparations, and photos with @InnovatPasadena. We'll help drum up excitement and tweet about our collaborators as much as possible. Don't forget to submit your event to be listed on the Connect calendar.

Make new friends.

We encourage events that foster collaboration between industries and partners rather than a typical meetup. If you’re looking to expand your reach, remember that there is strength in numbers. Teaming up with another group can help you look beyond your regular constituency.

Show your team spirit.

Add the Innovate Pasadena Connect badge to your website or Meetup page. Scroll down to the Connect Badge section to get the code. As we get closer to game time, we’ll let you know where you can pick up posters, signs, and other materials. Hang the provided collateral in a visible area in and outside your space to make it easier for people to find you.

Share your story.

Take photos, notes, etc., to share with the Pasadena community before and after your event.


Want to help us spread the word about innovation in Pasadena? You can copy our info below to use on your Eventbrite page, newsletter, website, or anywhere else. For those who don’t know about Connect or Innovate Pasadena, these bite-size snippets help spread the word and strengthen our community ties with people such as yourself!

About Connect

During Connect we showcase the creativity and ingenuity that’s right here in our own backyard. From October 13-22 local innovators will host independently organized seminars, workshops, and social events all around Pasadena. Join us as we envision the future of tech and design and engage with local startups and industry leaders, and let your next big idea ignite.

About Innovate Pasadena

Innovate Pasadena is a volunteer-driven 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening Pasadena’s innovation community through education and resource exchange. We have built a strong network of businesses, academic institutions, and community organizations. We leverage these connections to produce and support a variety of programs that have reached over 60,000 people.

Connect Badge

Are you participating in Connect or do you want to show your Pasadena pride? Get the Connect website badge!

                                    <!-- Begin Connect Badge --><div id="cw2016" style="margin:0px;padding:0px;background:transparent url( no-repeat scroll 0px 0px;background-size:150px 150px;height: 150px;right:0px;position:fixed;bottom:0px;width:150px;z-index:9999999 !important"><a href="" target="_blank" style="margin:0px;padding:0px;display:block;height: 150px;width:150px;text-indent:-9999px;border:none;">Connect 2017</a></div><!--End Connect Badge-->

Talking Points

We ask for all our Connect Collaborators to share a little bit about Innovate Pasadena and your participation in Connect with your members and attendees. We've collected some interesting facts about this great series. We encourage you to share these tidbits in your own words!

Key Facts About Innovate Pasadena's Connect
  • Since 2014, Connect has helped promote almost 150 innovation-inspired events in and around Pasadena and attracted over 30,000 attendees
  • Most Connect events are free and produced by dedicated volunteers
  • We have four main categories or "tracks" for Connect events: Science + Astronomy, Art + Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
  • Connect offers the rare opportunity to get inside some of Pasadena’s most interesting start-ups and mature companies, where you can meet their executives and learn about opportunities
  • Connect kicks off with Art Night Pasadena and ends with the ultimate auto design show: Art Center’s Car Classic.
Some Facts About Innovate Pasadena
  • Connect is an annual event produced by Innovate Pasadena
  • Innovate Pasadena is a nonprofit organization established in 2013
  • Innovate Pasadena has created a special program to support local Meetup groups
  • Innovate Pasadena offers sponsorship opportunities for companies who want to reach the San Gabriel Valley’s best and brightest
  • Innovate Pasadena also promotes a full slate of interesting programs, pitchfests, and meet-ups all year long.

Logo Usage & Guidelines

The Connect logo files and Innovate Pasadena logo files are available for download in the Files/Downloads section. The Innovate Pasadena logo and/or Connect logo should be incorporated into your Eventbrite page or on the website page(s) that are set up for marketing your Connect Collaborator event.

Connect logo on white background.

Connect logo on black background.

When using the Connect logo, follow these helpful guidelines:

  • If you are placing the logo on a white background, use the file entitled “Connect-Week-Logo_white-bg.png”
  • If you are placing the logo on a dark background, use the file entitled “Connect-Week-Logo_dark-bg.png”
  • Do not place the color Innovate Pasadena logo on a dark background or photograph
  • Do not merge the mark with other marks or logos, or add text to the logo
  • Keep the Connect mark large enough so that all text of the mark is legible at all times
  • Do not distort or crop the Connect mark.