2018 Conference on Advanced Power Systems for Deep Space Exploration

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A new generation of deep space robotic missions targeting Mars and beyond face significant challenges over the next 20 years, requiring new approaches to power systems. These challenges include:

  • Performing operations on low temperature/icy surfaces at extreme distances from the Sun
  • Gaining access to oceans under 10's of km of ice
  • Operation in high radiation environments
  • Exploring lava tubes, caverns and cliffs on planetary surfaces
  • Implementation of more stringent planetary protection protocols
  • Very high power operations (kW) for interplanetary missions
  • Design of smaller, lower temperature and more efficient avionics and electronics

This conference will focus on the unique issues facing power systems that are required to operate in these demanding environments. Emerging concepts to address current capabilities gaps will be highlighted, including new power architectures, and new power generation and energy storage technologies. The overall intent of this conference is to foster new collaborations and the development of new cross-cutting power technologies, by supporting interactions between power engineers and technologists, planetary scientists, mission system architects and program offices.

Type of event
Science Astronomy Educational Showcase Speaker Series



Pasadena Convention Center

300 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91101

Onsite parking is available for $12/day for up to 16 hours.

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