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Cars rev up our hopes and dreams.

Think back to a time when you had no worries—when your time was nobody’s but yours, and you could do whatever your heart desired. What did you hope for? Can you remember the freedom?

Let Rachael Worby and the musicians of MUSE/IQUE take you back to a time when the only things on your mind were a full tank of gas, your favorite song on the radio and the endless possibilities of the open road in front of you. Rediscover the dreams of a simpler time, and let those memories spur you forward into a future that only you could realize.

Mingling 6PM: Tasty treats and libations will be available for purchase. Please note that, although you may bring your own culinary delights, there will be limited access to tables.

Performance 7PM: We will enjoy a 70-minute show with no intermission.

Curated and Conducted by Rachael Worby, Artistic Director.

Type of event
Design Entertainment Mixer



ArtCenter College of Design

1700 Lida St
Pasadena, CA 91103

Limited parking available on campus. Please see event details for more information.

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