Cassini Mission Wrap: Our Final Moments at Saturn

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Relive the final moments of Cassini and the mission highlights that have expanded our understanding of Saturn and our solar system with the guy who was there since day one.

Dave Doody, JPL’s lead engineer for realtime mission control operations of the Cassini-Huygens Mission, will talk about how we got to Saturn and the amazing discoveries we’ve made after 13 years in the Saturnian system.

Together, we’ll look at Cassini’s daring set of ring-grazing orbits and dives, including:

  • Flybys through one of our closest approaches to Saturn just outside the narrow, ever-changing F ring;
  • 5 months of 22 planned orbits passing between Saturn and its innermost rings; until
  • Cassini’s final demise, plunging into the atmosphere of Saturn.

Don’t miss this amazing talk and unique opportunity to meet and hear from one of JPL’s leading experts in Deep Space Networks and a pioneer of the Cassini team!

Type of event
Science 21+ Educational Lecture/Seminar Mixer Showcase



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30 E Del Mar Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105

Parking is available at the Del Mar Station parking garage, as well as at the Schoolhouse Parking Garage at Fair Oaks and Green.

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