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Feeling anxious, disempowered or unsupported as a freelancer/contractor, employee or an entrepreneur? There is a fourth alternative business structure, Worker/Owner Cooperatives (Co-ops).

Find out more and network with likeminded people at this event.

Why Creative Co-ops?

Creative endeavors like Design and Development can be a good match for the Co-op model because they can be labor and skill intensive without necessarily needing lots of upfront capital. Worker and Owner incentives are aligned because they’re one and the same.

Freelancers have access to a wider range of capabilities because of their team. People who were employees may now have a say so in what, how and why things are done. Entrepreneurs no longer need to have all the answers and burden trying to spin up, incentivize employees, manage and maintain a venture. Essentially it follows a democratic model as opposed to a hierarchical model of governance.

What is it?

On a basic level, worker-owner co-ops involve a team of people who band together to create a business in order survive and prosper; not necessarily for shareholder or investor profit. They try to follow the 7 Cooperative Principles, have equal power, decision making and responsibility for the business. They thus reap the rewards and better ride the downturns together because the business only needs to support its members.

It may not be for everyone, but it’s something to consider

In many cases, other business structures work perfectly fine. Some people prefer to work in a strict or benevolent business hierarchy or they like the total autonomy of an in-demand freelancer. Some startup founders want to be completely in charge and the prospect of the big dollar exit is too enticing. However, I personally believe that humans can be stronger when they work together and have an equal stake plus a real say so in their long term efforts.

What will this event cover?

  • Brief overview of Co-ops
  • Discussing advantages and disadvantages compared to other systems
  • What legal structures are available (formal coop vs LLC vs Corps)
  • How they operate (agreements, financials, coordination, agreements, capital, etc.)
  • Tools, Resources and the impact of Technology
  • Q&A plus panel discussion
Type of event
Design Educational Networking Panel Roundtable



E-Central Credit Union

990 S Fair Oaks Ave
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