Contextual Normalcy: AI and Mental Health Futures

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Join our community conversation and workshop as we explore how AI can help us reimagine new opportunities in mental health and wellness. Our thinking around what is “normal” mental health varies by culture and context. However, approaches to diagnosis are often colored by a western perspective of normalcy. We cannot separate cultural perspectives from what is considered mentally ill in certain locations, and amongst certain cultures. It’s the approach and thinking about the symptomatology that cannot be removed, and is problematic when we think of inclusive approaches to classification, diagnosis and treatment. We need to build better tools for people living with mental health disorders and move beyond western thinking about normalcy by co-creating and crowdsourcing questions surrounding mental health. At #Connect 2018, we will discuss our research project “Contextual Normalcy” (produced with Feminist.AI and Mozilla sponsored XRStudio) - a participatory AI Research project in which we use artificial intelligence to create alternative visions of normalcy with crowd-sourced data. In this event we will talk about how AI can create new opportunities for wellness research.

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Technology Signature Science Activities Educational Workshop



Supplyframe DesignLab

30 E Del Mar Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105

Parking is available at the Del Mar Station parking garage, as well as at the Schoolhouse Parking Garage at Fair Oaks and Green.

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