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Blue/Green Deployment with Kubernetes using Helm

Blue/Green has been around for a long time but what are the best practices when using Kubernetes? How does it change when using Helm? In this talk, Dan will show the differences and demonstrate how to pull it off effectively with repeatability. When using Helm, the picture changes slightly, keeping a history so rollbacks work properly is critical and requires structuring your Helm Chart accordingly. Come check it out!

Dan Garfield is a Google Developer Expert, Chief Evangelist of Codefresh, and Kubernetes, Helm, Istio, and Docker meetup organizer. His talks have been featured at Kubecon, Swampup, DeveloperWeek, and many other places. He focuses on DevOps, and Deployment Strategies in a micro-service world.

How to Get Started with GitOps

GitOps is where everything, including infrastructure, is controlled via Pull Requests and CI/CD pipelines. Reduce the learning curve for new devs by providing a familiar, repeatable process. Use Code Reviews to catch bugs and increase operational competency. Provide transparency to the rest of the team with Pull Requests. There will be a live demo of using Atlantis with Terraform followed by a Q&A.

Erik Osterman is the founder of Cloud Posse, a DevOps professional services company that specializes in cloud migrations and release engineering. Previously he was the Director of Cloud Architecture, for CBS Interactive where he led cloud strategy across the organization.

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680 E Colorado Blvd, Suite 180
Pasadena, CA 91101

Entrance to the building is on the EAST side of El Molino, DIRECTLY ACROSS from the Pasadena Playhouse.  Parking available in the building's underground lot or on the corner of El Molino and Green St.

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