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Living in Space is an ongoing series of events sponsored by Innovate Pasadena ( and organized by Space Cooperative ( to encourage cross-pollination of ideas amongst designers, engineers, artists and thinkers that are interested in all aspects of becoming a spacefaring civilization.

Our next event is Saturday, October 27th. Poonam Josan and Space Cooperative will be joining us.


Do you like these Living in Space meetups? We like to keep them free always. But if you are feeling generous, please contribute financially to help with some of the costs! Go here:


If you do not find street parking, then the cheapest and closest parking lots are the following, where the first 90 minutes are free ($2/hour thereafter):

  • Marriott Parking Facility @ 171 N. Raymond Avenue (between Holly and Walnut)
  • Schoolhouse Parking Facility @ 33 E. Green Street (corner of Green and Raymond)
  • There are many other parking lots in the area, which you can find here:


Living in Space presents challenges that stem from both socio-economical and technological perspectives, reaching out to experts from both industry and academia to inform the community about their latest work. Meetups will be highly interactive and engage the audience through a combination of activities that are both fun and thought-provoking.

Type of event
Science Educational Lecture/Seminar Meetup Speaker Series



Cross Campus

87 N Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103

There are many metered spaces and public parking lots nearby. One block from Memorial Park Metro.

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