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Feel up to a design challenge? The teachers of visually impaired kids in area public schools could use your help. They have many things they would love to have to teach their students, but budget and time limitations do not allow them to fully use the promise of 3D printing for this community. For some time your hosts Joan and Rich have maintained a Google Group for these teachers to post requests, but almost no one has fulfilled them.

At this meetup we will have a list of requests available, and will give a short talk about best design practices for making models for the visually impaired. We'll have plenty of time for discussion afterwards and for helping you find information you might need. You can also see our Hackaday project about this: The image above is of two gravitational wave models from Joan and Rich's "3D Printed Science Projects, Volume 2."

Then, come back the following Saturday (10/27) 7-9 PM to showcase what you came up with and give your print to a LA Unified School District teacher of the visually impaired. (See description of that event for more, at

If you do not have your own 3D printer there will be some availability of the printers at the DesignLab, and Pasadena Public Library main branch also has free printing. Even if you do not know how to use a CAD program to make a 3D model, come along to brainstorm and pair up with others with different skills. It's a great chance to give back to the wonderful community we've all created in the past year.

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Technology Signature Activities Contest Educational Meetup Showcase Speaker Series Workshop



Supplyframe DesignLab

30 E Del Mar Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105

Parking is available at the Del Mar Station parking garage, as well as at the Schoolhouse Parking Garage at Fair Oaks and Green.

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