Patents and IP for the Startup Founder

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Eventually, every inventor is confronted with the decision to protect his technology by ways of utility or design patents, and every entrepreneur begins to accumulate protectable IP long before any deals are closed or products shipped. Understanding the magnitude of the undertaking as well as the process and pitfalls involved can greatly reduce costs and potential liability. In this focused, substantive presentation and QnA session, the attorney panel will speak on patents and other forms of IP, discussing their various roles in ways that are relevant to the startup entrepreneur as well as common pitfalls to avoid.

The panel will offer strategies to minimize costs as you build your business, when and what to obtain at various stages of the business, what to do when threatened with litigation, and how to leverage the intellectual property that you have built. The panel will also cover what to look for in a good IP attorney, and the distinction between patent attorneys, patent agents, and general attorneys. Find out the basics of IP law before the law finds you!

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Entrepreneurship Educational Panel



Cross Campus

87 N Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103

There are many metered spaces and public parking lots nearby. One block from Memorial Park Metro.

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