About Connect Week

How It All Began

Since our formation in 2013, Innovate Pasadena has launched a variety of programs which strengthen Pasadena’s innovation community through education and resource exchange. We believe that the interconnection between technology, design, and innovation is the key to sustainable economic growth. Our goal is to build upon our innovation ecosystem by encouraging sharing and collaboration among academia, business, government, and the community. We have fast become the hub for networking and collaboration in Pasadena.

Yet even with some of the world’s leading science, research, design, and cultural institutions, Pasadena has remained hidden in the background of the Los Angeles innovation scene. That’s why Innovate Pasadena launched Connect, a festival of independently organized talks, workshops, and social events produced by independent organizers and hosted in venues all across Pasadena. During Connect Week we invite entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, scientists, educators, businesspeople, designers, and students to unite and celebrate the creativity and ingenuity that’s right here in our own backyard.

Connect Week is powered by individuals and groups we call “collaborators”. Our collaborators produce events that cover four main topics: design, science, technology, and entrepreneurship. Events include panels, competitions, conferences, seminars, open houses, exhibitions, fairs, hackathons, lectures, meetups, networking, pitches, presentations, speaker series, mixers, tradeshows, workshops and even more! We invite the broader Los Angeles community to join us as we come together to share knowledge, showcase innovative products, and discuss new advancements and ideas.

Our Growth + Audience

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From our very first Connect event in 2014, we’ve grown into one of the most talked about innovation festivals in Los Angeles. We have a large supporter base, and our events accounted for 24.4% of LA Innovation Week(s) 2015. During LAIW we hosted 577% more events than any other participating city, something Innovate Pasadena is extremely proud of!

Job Title

Connect Week has attracted a diverse audience from all around Southern California. Our attendees come from a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Participation in our events climbs every year - we’ve reached over 15,300 community members and counting.

Past Connect Events

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What began as a small spark has continued to grow and spread, igniting Pasadena’s innovation community. Connect events have opened doors, uncovered new ideas, forged strong partnerships, educated the pubic, and inspired new innovators. For details on past Connect events, see Connect 2015, Connect 2014, and our inaugural Connect Alpha.

Press / Contact Us

If you are a member of the press, please contact us through our contact form. Business development, customer support, and other non-press inquiries may not receive a response at this address, so if you need help with another issue, please contact us at hello@innovatepasadena.org.

For high resolution images of Connect Week, please view our Collaborator Resources + Media page. For videos and b-roll, please refer to our YouTube account.